The Past, Present, and Future of Cashless Payment

Eighteen years ago received cashless payment in the bay never sounded and loyalty program is not like today. The concept of a loyalty program consists of a token discount, token note, and coupon book. Seventeen years ago the concept of card-based cashless acceptance at a launderette was only realized and evangelized by one person in the washing industry while other car wash industries were content to sell tokens and coupons. You may remember meeting a man at an ICA trade show in the early 1990s with a fish tank in his booth that has a goldfish and a card reader at the bottom to show readers the ability to work in "wet conditions".

The man with the fish tank was Dan Yarusso and he started a company in 1990 called WashCard Systems. Started from his garage in Hugo Minnesota, Dan started his business as a one man show. In an interview with Yarusso, I had the opportunity to learn that cashless payment pouchnation was not originally found to be sold to other car wash operators. Actually it was created because of the need to market his own car wash that was struggling.

What became a lucrative side business quickly became a huge stress factor for Dan and his family. And spend the nights and weekends at the hand-washing place to improve things and do everything to keep customers happy when the road construction in front of the washers is dragged. With knowledge of access control technologies that give and the idea how to fix the shock of his pet.

And hate to carry a bag containing tokens around it in order to wash his own palm. After weeks of playing around, he puts the cable into the water access card reader into each of his ears. The reader is transferred to the programmed control panel in the equipment room which is then connected to the bay timer. That's the article about cashless payment.

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